When you buy a boat from Talley's Pier 77 Marine:

1. Information will be given to assure you understand the features and benefits of your new Regal. We offer an on the water demonstration of Regal’s quality, performance and handling to assist you in finding the model that meets your needs. Once you have purchased your Regal, an on the water delivery demonstration will be done to go over features, operation & general boating information. If this is you first boat, extra time will be taken to assure you feel comfortable and confident as “Captain”.

2. You will have the assurance that a mechanical service check has been performed prior to purchase. Your Regal will be waxed prior to pick up/delivery, and tips will be given on how to keep your boat looking new. The first tank of gas is “on us” and your New Regal will be equipped with a Coastguard Safety Pack.

3. You will have the convenience of two service centers, I-77 Exit 28 on Statesville Road and at Kings Point Marina. Both facilities feature Certified Technicians with years of experience in the marine industry. Our service center at Kings Point Marina provides on-water service to meet your service needs. We also offer, in addition to the two service centers, a mobile service at your dock.

4. We will make your boat purchase easy, informative and a pleasure!  We feel the purchase of your Regal should be a HAPPY experience and not one of unfulfilled promises.

5. We will always be available to answer any questions you may have. It is of utmost importance to us that you understand your boat and are completely satisfied with the performance and your purchase.


We believe our Customer appreciates quality and deserves quality service, and satisfaction due to the fact they have chosen a quality product. If you have any questions regarding our product or service please feel free to contact us.


Again, we would like to thank you for considering Talley's Pier 77 Marine when shopping for a boat. We hope we have been of assistance in finding the boat which best meets your needs and look forward to you becoming a “Pier 77 Marine Customer” for years to come.





William S. (Bill) Talley